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International Coaching Certification

This is a coaching course for everyone who wants to learn how to use coaching in their private life, current projects and teams, or to turn coaching into their profession. 

Having been taught in over 10 countries to more than 3000 individuals and businesses in several different fields, like banking, technology and recruitment, this course offers a truly valuable and inspiring learning experience – empowering you to coach with confidence from day one. 

Count me in! 

This course will keep you engaged from the beginning until the end. You will learn through plenty of interactive exercises, hands-on activities, and feedback from both peers and trained coaches. This practical approach is what our students love the most! 

Immerse yourself in a learning experience  

From understanding the basics to diving deeper into detail, you will learn how to help people unlock their potential and achieve meaningful goals. In any areas of your life – including yourself. 

Learn the unique power of coaching  

We offer you theory and practice that will help you better understand yourself and others. You will learn how to build trust and positive influence with your clients and the people around you in a matter of minutes rather than days. 

Learn to interact more effectively

You will have the opportunity to reflect on your life, values and beliefs with the support of others and join the club of truly self-aware people – who according to research are a rarity. 

Get to know yourself better 

You will learn a variety of different tools and techniques that you can try out anywhere you like. Feel free to coach people on the bus stop on your way home or to book a more formal coaching session for the day after the course! 

Develop broadly applicable coaching and interaction skills 

Our own community of dedicated formal and informal coaches, where you can choose to develop further with us through different community gatherings and events. 

Be invited to join the World Coach Community 

During the course you will

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Does any of this sound like you? 

You have heard of this thing called “coaching” and would simply like to know more.

You have been thinking about becoming a professional coach but would like to try it out before investing your time and money in extensive professional training. 

You feel stuck and are looking for new directions in your life. 

You work with people and want to find ways to engage in more impactful encounters. 

You prefer engaging and fun learning experiences over formal and boring lectures on theory. 

Coach like a pro 

We believe that coaching belongs to everyone, and thus our courses are low-cost. Both time and money-wise, to assure that anyone can join at any time.

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Let’s talk course

The 60-hour course consists of two parts:  

  • 30 hours of intensive classroom training 
  • 12 hours of videos and other resources + 18 hours of homework and practice sessions 
By signing in for the certification course you will get a 100-page coaching manual, the WCO coaching bibliography, and access to 19 captivating online videos to support you on our journey towards becoming a coach.

The course will cover basic principles and practices of coaching and high-quality interaction, and answer questions like: 

What different ways are there to do coaching? 

What are the underlying coaching principles and competences? 

How to navigate through a coaching conversation and process? 

What are the distinctions between coaching and other methodologies? 

How to increase the impact of a coaching (or any other) conversation? 

What aspects of human psychology should I keep in mind while coaching? 

How can I effectively coach myself? 

3 Days live 

19 online videos

and other resources

3 Days live 

19 online videos

and other resources

3 Days live 

19 online videos

and other resources

Day 1

 9 AM - 7 PM

  • Different ways of coaching
  • The 4Rs of coaching
  • Coaching methodology ROSA 1.0
  • Definitions of coaching
  • Coaching presuppositions
  • Coaching methodology ROSA 2.0
  • Mapping the client's reality
  • Defining clear and inspiring goals

Day 2

 9 AM - 7 PM

  • Creating paradigm-shifting solutions
  • Using creativity in problem solving
  • Getting from ideas to action
  • Navigating through a coaching process
  • Introduction to rapport: how to generate trust and influence with anybody
  • In-depth rapport model with 5 levels and related techniques

Day 3

 9 AM - 7 PM

  • Key social psychology and coaching techniques
  • Maintaining precence and partnership
  • Communicating on different levels during coaching
  • Deep listening and powerful questioning
  • Key human psychology
  • Understanding beliefs and values
  • The certification process
  • Professional coaching practicalities

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Saku Valkama, CEO at Talentadore

“If WCO makes anything new, it must be interesting and high quality. We have had the majority of our organization attending their coaching courses. They make miracles.”

Åsa Gylling

"Great time, great experience and a framework equally actual today."

Josefin Westermarck 

”Got much more than what I paid for: awesome life lessons and mindset ideas.”

Sandra Saarniit 

”This course was definitely part of my favourite learning experiences - so practical and well-designed. Pauliina managed to create such a comfortable and open learning environment and the mix of participants with varying experiences made the examples and practice very fascinating. Couldn't ask for a better intro into the
coaching world.”

Merlin Fraude

“Absolute recommendation for everyone who is thinking about getting professional or for people who just want to be doing coaching "on the side". Thanks again for the
amazing course!”

Tommi Pollari

"If you have ever been interested in developing yourself, understanding yourself or helping others to help themselves, this is worth every penny. World-class trainers teaching you the skills to coach yourself and others is valuable whether in relationships or at the work place. Big thumbs up!"

Anna Lönnroth

"This course literally changed my life! I am now working as a Coach, training and coaching organizations. Without the inspirational training from Aksu and Pauliina, I would not be here! I am now more than satisfied with my life. So, I highly recommend the course but I also warn you: be prepared, your life might change in most drastic way!"

Saila Kokkonen

"Inspiring, engaging, practical, and so much fun! In addition to providing an introduction to coaching tools to use both professionally and personally, the WCO course drastically improved the way I view human communication and interaction overall. Thank you for a jump start on my way to a new mindset! Full recommendation for anyone, really."

John Swallow

"This is a great organization providing highly interactive and engaging courses. I love the fact that they maintain their course fees at an accessible level for everyone and still put 100% into every minute. Actually they are not just courses... they are life experiences."


 The answers to the questions you might have

This course has been well ahead of its time since it was initially put together in 2009! Its main innovations are:  

  • In-depth models and theory presented in an engaging and understandable way. Its practical approach is what even more experienced coaches appreciate. 
  • It is designed not only for people interested in professional coaching, but for a much larger audience. In addition to formal and informal coaching tools, all of it goes for personal development.  
  • It is low-cost in terms of two valuable resources: time and money. To make sure everybody can join! 
  • Oh, and did we mention the fun already? We are big believers in engaging and creative methods in learning. That’s why we hand-pick not only professional coaches, but professional trainers to deliver our courses. 

An open mind and a learner’s attitude are all you need to join this course. Any previous coaching experience is a plus, but not a necessity to grow into a skillful coach during our time together.

Interestingly, many participants with previous coaching training say that they gained very practical tools and useful understanding through our frameworks. Coaches should constantly be learning, and we believe that immersing in different kinds of coach training can be inspiring to the least.

We invite a group of learners of up to 25 people. This way, with a team of organizers, we ensure an engaging and intimate enough learning experience for everyone.  

Our certificate is general proof that you have spent a noticeable amount of time and effort learning solid coaching skills. We are big fans and have big respect for global coaching organizations, such as the EMCC and ICF. Their core competences and ethical principles follow us through our training. If you wish, you can use the coaching course to apply for certification through the EMCC or the ICF portfolio path. One day soon, possibly even another path!

If you decide to get certified by us, we will ask you to write two essays on given topics and to coach two people for six sessions each, writing a report on every session and audio recording at least a few of them. We will then go through your material, evaluate your performance according to the 4R core competences, and offer you personal feedback to help you develop.  

We offer you the basics and a bit more. After that it’s in your hands how you take it from there: many choose to go through the certification process and get their diploma, some choose an area of coaching to dive deeper into, others start applying and developing these skills in everyday life. Whatever you choose to do with this course and your future, you will be invited to be a part of a global supportive community united by this unique learning experience.

That is absolutely no problem at all! You will have enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we are assured that you will find the skills useful in different areas of your life. You will still get access to all the resources and our worldwide coach community, and who knows, maybe you will change your mind some day and decide to proceed with your certification process! 

Hello, we’re World Coaching Organization!

I’m a passionate trainer with over 20 years of experience in delivering engaging learning experiences to thousands of learners from around the world, stemming from the open public to industrial companies to small startups. I am in my element when I get to awaken insights through offering new perspectives and when I have the chance to encourage people to throw themselves into new and eye-opening experiences.  

Delivering coaching trainings is my all-time favorite, because learning coaching not only helped me in developing as a trainer and consultant, but because it became a part of my professional and personal DNA. And I could not be more excited to share these same, potentially life-changing lessons and methods with anyone who is open to learn.  

Oh, and when I am not working, you can find me enjoying long walks in nature, running on trails, freediving, or adventuring together with my husband. 

I’m Pauliina Hallama, a social psychologist, a nearly lifelong professional trainer, and a certified Life Coach, Systemic Business Coach® and Systemic Team Coach®. I’m proud and honored to be the Chief Coaching Officer and Master Coach Trainer at World Coaching Organization.  


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